Monday, August 28, 2006

This Has Been A Better Week

Well, I've been feeling pretty low about real estate. I had some nice solid leads fall through and I was beginning to consider getting into new construction. In fact, I had an interview with a builder; which according to him went really well. I waited for over a week, sitting on pins and needles, and finally I decided that whatever happened would be what was meant to happen.

I told Kevin that I was looking forward to hearing my answer if I would be offered the position to represent a new construction site in Summerville. I was either looking forward to being offered the position, or looking forward to not being offered the position and realizing that general brokerage would work out for me. Whatever it was, it would all work out.

Well, I did not get offered the position, but surprisingly, I wasn't the least bit upset. It simply meant that it wasn't meant to be, and there would be something out there waiting to happen. And sure enough, just as I was dying of boredom, I've been asked to list 2 houses. Oh, and on top of that I had a very good open house and picked up leads from every single person that came in. Who really knows what will become of these new leads? They can always fall through too. You know, the frustrations are really all part of the business; that's just the way it is. But when you actually get to make it to the closing table, it just makes it all that much sweeter...

Time to try to make these work--wish me luck!

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

It's Funny How Things Work Out

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On my way to church this past Sunday, I was stunned to see our sanctuary with a large gaping hole. Apparently, it had endured a pretty serious fire. The volunteers were leading the congregation to their parking and directing us to an extension building to hold our services in.

I found out later that Friday evening, a fire had started in one of the classrooms and was put out by the fire department. A few hours later, another fire broke out in another classroom and spread, making it to our sanctuary. The fire was so bad, that they had to flood the church. Everything is completely destroyed.

So, here we were in the extension building that was just completed a couple months back. Yes, it was warm and overcrowded, with not enough chairs for the congregation to sit, but nonetheless we were able to have a place of worship that Sunday. And a day or two before the fire, the path to the extension was completed too. Our nursery and everything in it was destroyed, but the Royal Rangers building for kids was newly completed and able to be used as a nursery for now. What a coincidence, huh?

I hear that some of the volunteers or workers went to the stores to restock the nursery for baby equipment, but once the word spread about the fire, they were able to pick out whatever the children needed and it was all donated to the church. That's awfully generous!

I found myself feeling relieved and thankful that nobody was hurt during the fire (especially in the nursery). I can't help but feel this all as somehow helped my wavering faith, and reminds me that God truly does work in mysterious ways.

Friday, August 18, 2006

I'm A Lazy Ass And I'm Not Afraid To Admit It

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Yes! Finally, someone who is just as freaking lazy as I am about cleaning showers has come up with an automatic shower cleaner! I don't know if it works yet, but we picked one up at Sam's Club for about $25. It's worth a try anyway. All I need now is an automatic floor mopper.

Gabriel's Baby Dedication

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Okay, I promised I would post more pictures. Gabriel's Nana thought it would be funny to put him inside one of his gift bags. Apparently, Gabriel found it quite amusing himself.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

baby 180
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Chef Daddy frying up some scallops and filet mignon bites wrapped with peppered bacon. Healthy!

baby 196
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Gabriel snuck a little taste of his Aunt T's slice of cake. The cake was made for him, after all...

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Northwood Assembly
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Sunday, Kevin and I brought Gabriel with us to church at Northwood Assembly. Even our parents met us there to attend Gabriel's baby dedication.

Dedicating a baby is somewhat like a baptismal or a christening, but the church believes that everyone should make their own choice to become christened or baptised. At a dedication, the parents vow to raise their child as a Christian, and when the child grows and is old enough to decide, they can choose to give their life to God when they are ready to.

I've visited Northwood Assembly a few times, while trying to find a church to belong to, and attending it this past Sunday only confirmed that I do enjoy it there. I've heard many, many times about people speaking in tongues and crazy things like that, but to be honest, I've never heard it. It is a little different from the Catholic way I was raised but every time I've gone there, I can't help but feel the sermons were made just for me, and I feel right at home. I think I've found a church to belong to. Surprisingly, Kevin even commented on how he actually liked the church himself, as this was the first time he attended with me.

Following service, was Gabriel's party and we had family over. Ricky and Donna were the only out-of-towners on my side that were able to make it, and it was nice for them to be able to see Gabriel again. They were amazed at how much he had grown, since seeing him only about a month ago. The food was good (and abundant), and I have to admit that I enjoy my role as a mommy. I am truly enjoying celebrating things with my own family and having get-togethers for Gabriel's little milestones.

Today I really felt like a family!

More pictures to come soon...

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Six Months Already

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On Wednesday, Gabriel was officially 6 months old. That means he's already halfway through his first year of life! I can't believe how quickly the time is flying by; it's sort of sad, actually.

Anna's daughter is celebrating her first birthday on Sunday, and Erick and Eleanor are into their last trimester with baby Isabella. Holy Cow.

I've already been dropping hints to Kevin that Gabriel's growing way too quickly for me, and I'm hoping for a sibling in the future. Big hints like: "Can We Have Another Baby In A Couple Years?" He's not biting. I think I'll wait a year and ask again, but he's threatened that if I persist, he's gonna get clipped. Look at our son, though. How could you possibly not want another little bundle of joy? Maybe I need to refer back to my old blogs and remind myself what it was like with a newborn. Maybe I should wait to see what his terrible two's will be like before I pester my husband some more. I have a feeling my husband's gonna stand firm, though. Oh well...guess I'd better enjoy Gabriel as much as possible....

New Haircut!

New Haircut!
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So, along with Gabriel's 6 month birthday, his daddy decided he was due for his first haircut. I must admit that when he first put the clippers to his head, I was skeptical. What the hell; it'll grow back and it'll make his daddy proud to do something with his son that would be his "first." I actually took some pictures of them immediately following the haircut, but I have to say that his hair looked kind of bad. It looks choppy and patchy; like his hair was falling out from chemo. But, after a few days, and after being freshly bathed, it looks better. Still some flyaways that need to be trimmed, but better and growing on me.

I Like My Haircut!!

I Like My Haircut!!
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