Monday, April 24, 2006

rachel and gabriel
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There are many people that you meet throughout your life. I know in my case, I've had many people that I've hung out with, but have lost touch with. And then, there are those that you meet and know that you will be friends with for life.

I met Rachel a couple of years ago at my local dropzone. For the most part, I like the free spirited nature of skydivers, but I felt that Rachel and I hit off particularly well. From day one, we clicked and have been great friends ever since. I don't know if it's similarities in our personalities or that we just both like to shop a lot, but she has quickly grown to be considered one of my best friends.

I know that things in my life have gotten quite hectic and we haven't been able to hang out like we used to, but I can't say that hers hasn't been the same. You see, Rachel has been quite busy herself. She's getting married in Antigua next month to another fellow skydiver, and is moving to Charlotte.

So, I met Rachel downtown for lunch on her break as we do every so often. It was kind of sad to think that we wouldn't be having any more lunches like those anymore, but she will be in town fairly often, as her family still lives in the area. I'm sure that we won't be losing touch with each other, and still will be meeting up for shopping and lunches, but it just reminds me of how our lives change and take different directions.

It kind of reminds me of a picture frame that Jen gave me for Christmas one year with pictures of us growing up. The verse on it says it perfectly:

"Little by little time goes by, short if you sing, long if you sigh
Note by note, life's music plays on, songs ever changing but never gone."

Congratulations, Rachel, on your wedding! I wish you and James only the best that life has to offer!!

Rachel's Last Day

cher rachel and gabriel
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Thursday, April 20, 2006

Now I Really Gotta Sell A House

Toshiba Satellite
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We have so many agents in our office that it is almost impossible sometimes to get onto the computer to work. I told myself that I wouldn't buy a laptop until I sold another house, but at the rate I was going, I might not ever be able to. So, I finally broke down and bought one from Best Buy.

I have to wait until Monday for I.T. to hook me up onto my network in the office and next Friday for the Geek Squad to install my router in my house. It kind of sucks that I can't use my computer until next week, cause God knows I'm itching to fiddle with it.

I love Best Buy. I love gadgets. Shit, I really gotta sell a house now.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Back To Work

Hi ho, hi ho, it's off to work I go...

I started work yesterday. I was actually excited to get back and feel like a normal person again. Since I'll probably be back at the dojo until real estate starts going for me again, Gabriel will be my officemate. It actually wasn't so bad, especially since I was worried about missing him so much. So, there I was spending the day with my husband, my son, my dog, and earning a paycheck--thank God. I don't know exactly what will happen once real estate takes over my Mondays and Wednesdays, but I suppose I will tackle that when I cross that bridge.

So Tuesdays and Thursdays, my mother in law will have Gabriel from 8-4, which gives me time left in the afternoon after work to spend time with him. I'm a bit nervous (sad?) about being away, but he'll only be down the road. I suppose if it gets too bad, all I have to do is leave my office and say hello. Tuesday mornings will give me a couple hours to hit the trails again and/or hit the gym. I'm still trying to figure out where else I will have time to work out. But, I suppose one day is better than none for now.

Anyhow, I have to wake him up and get him ready here soon, so I'd better get some breakfast in me first and load up the car. Diaper bag, bottle bag, workout bag, work clothes bag, baby carrier, portable bouncer--holy cow. I think there's my other workout right there alone!

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Happy Anniversary!

Kevin and I celebrated our 3rd wedding anniversary yesterday. Wait a minute, should I say "celebrate?" I was in the office trying to catch up on work, and he was out in the dojo teaching. Also, I visited Dad in the hospital yesterday while Kevin was out last minute shopping (as usual).

Life certainly is different. I think we may try to grab some dinner to celebrate this weekend, but I don't know for sure. Kevin has to go out of town again to another karate tournament that I won't be attending. I don't know if he'll make it back early enough for us to enjoy dinner and get Gabriel home by 9 p.m. to get him ready for bed. I'm sure he'll make the effort to do it, but to be honest, I hate the idea of rushing dinner. I would much rather celebrate by

Maybe next year will be better.