Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Memorial Weekend

I wish I had taken some pictures this weekend. Well first of all, Kevin and I have been suffering with a broken AC unit for almost a week now. It was actually tolerable until about Friday, which by then I refused to even be home. It was fine, though, because my family had come home for the holiday weekend.

Saturday was Erick's birthday and we hung out at his in-laws for a little get together, but majority of the time, it was just casual sitting around in the (air conditioned) house. Quite alright with me.

It seems that Gabriel's Uncle Erick has gotten more comfortable with him. It was nice to see him be able to play with him more, as the last time he saw Gabriel, he was just teeny tiny and so fragile. He couldn't put the baby down, and kept insisting to keep playing with him, even while he was whining to take a nap. In fact, so much as to where he got to the point of getting too tired and screaming his ass off inconsolably. Oops. Anyways, Erick was excited to see his nephew again; and soon he'll learn how the baby is the boss when it comes to deciding when play time and nap time is...LOL.

It sucks that our air still isn't fixed, but someone is suposed to come out tomorrow I guess. I didn't come home last night, and I'm contemplating about not coming home tomorrow night either. Gabriel and I both are not sleeping well, as he's been in the bed with me, and waking with my movements. In return, he likes sleeping right up against me, which I'm afraid of crushing him in my sleep, so I've been sleeping very lightly too. We just put the pack and play together, compliments of my cousin in California, and we'll see how that goes. So far he's been sleeping in it pretty well.

Cool to see the siblings again, I just wish the damned air would have been fixed! I can't take it anymore!!

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Slowly But Surely

Damn, my body hurts. Kevin started up kickboxing classes again this week. I already told hiim that I won't be teaching it anymore; but I will gladly take it. I mean, I think I have enough shit on my plate that I have to do. I need more stuff that I want to do. So, thanks to a very very nice karate mom, she has agreed to hold Gabriel while I spend just one hour being tortured (Thanks, Mrs. Guillermo!!).

On top of kickboxing twice a week, I've also been hitting the gym once or twice a week, consisting of an hour of cycling and an hour of weight lifting. Although I haven't been watching my diet yet, I'm somewhat pleased with how my baby weight is coming off. It's hard to imagine that I put on 45 lbs pregnant, but I'm down to losing my last 6. I've been sitting at this weight for probably about a month and a half now, and I'm sure that if I actually quit eating crap all of the time, I might have lost it by now. But hell...I'm not doing so bad. It's just that my weight has sort of, uh....repositioned itself. I think I need to continue focusing on toning up cause God knows my abs have been all stretched to hell. Eyack!

Maybe not quite as quicly as I like, but I'm getting there. Hopefully next year I'll be ready for bikini season; I don't think I'll be brave enough to do it this year.

Monday, May 15, 2006

First Mother's Day

First Mother's Day
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I celebrated my first Mother's Day this weekend. This morning I woke to find a card and a box of Godivas on the bed beside me and Gabriel from...Gabriel, of course. It was written in his daddy's handwriting, but at the end of the card, an "X" was written where Gabriel made his mark to let me know it was dictated by himself. Very cute.

We had our families over for a cookout. The weather really wasn't so great; it rained quite a bit. However, the food was just as good cooked on the grill and eaten inside. I had hoped of not lifting a finger that day, but with guests arriving, it was sort of inevitable. Nonetheless, my contribution to the food was a quick broccoli and cheese casserole. Kevin did a great job with his shrimp and grits with barbecue sauce...mmmm!

I was quite happy with my first official Mother's Day. For some reason, I was even excited about it. Did Gabriel really know it was Mother's Day? I think so. Did I mention that he slept through the night for 9 1/2 hours? Quite possibly that was the best Mother's Day gift all day!

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Model In the Making

A month ago, I took Gabriel to a photographer to get some newborn pictures done. I don't know how people do it, but everyone knows that newborns only have one real skill--screaming their asses off. The entire photo shoot, Gabriel cried and it was impossible to get any cute shots. We decided to try to reschedule it at a later date, and hopefully have a more successful session.

Today, we decided to give it another go, and I decided to try a little more careful planning. I scheduled his appointment at mealtime and brought him in hungry. Then in the dressing room, I made sure to fill his belly. It might have been the planning, or perhaps that he's outgrown the cryihng bouts (somewhat), but our shoot went along a little more smoothly this time. Because he was so intrigued by the camera and the lights, we couldn't get him to notice me to smile. However, I was just glad that he wasn't screaming.

I'm meeting with the photographer again next week to go over that photo session, and some others we've been working on, and he'll compile a coffee table book to use as a display for potential customers.

I'm excited to see how they turned out.