Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Gabriel's First Christmas

My brother, Erick, has been on my ass because I've been slack about updating my blogger. Yeah, yeah, yeah...I know. My hands have been full; so sue me. Besides who wants to hear about my everyday routines, blah blah blah? Well, since Christmas has come, I actually have something somewhat interesting to talk about. I 've been pretty excited about this Christmas. As you probably know, it's Gabriel's first one, so I made sure to have my video camera and digital camera fully charged up and ready to go. Gabriel was up and ready to go at his usual time, but instead of giving him his bottle and putting him back into bed with us, I was ready to get our Christmas morning started. I set Gabriel down on the floor, and he immediately went straight for the big teddy bear that Santa left him. Notice his blue velvet stocking with the bling bling "G" on it, too. Just for the record, I didn't pick that. I picked a cute red and white stocking with a choo choo train, but Gabriel was set on this one. So, this one came home with us, and was filled with by Santa early Christmas morning, as we all slept soundly. toys!
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Ahhhh....don't you love spending lots of money on nice clothes and cool toys? And then the ones they like are the cheap little plastic ones that you barely spent anything on? Gabriel really likes these little water squirting bath toys that Rachel put in my gift basket. I also happened to get him a little blue dinosaur one that he loves. I can surround him with all these cool dancing, singing, light-flashing thingamabobs, and he goes straight for the little rubber bath toys. The simplicity of a child....

Mommy and me...
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I love being a mommy. This little runt made out like a bandit with his piles of presents. You know, I used to be the one with all the gifts, but I think those days are gone. That's okay, I'm more than happy to spoil. Look at his face, how could you not? Next year, I'm really looking forward to Christmas. Then, he'll have a better understanding of what's going on. And next year, Isa will be running around too. This'll be a fun one...

Hanging out at Nana's
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After our family gift opening, we headed off to Kevin's parents' house. We do this every year, and meet up with the rest of his family. Everyone pitches in and bring a dish or two, and we eat like there's no tomorrow. Usually, we have to meet up with my family too. But they were in Florida, meeting the new baby. Although I was bummed I couldn't be there, and didn't get to spend Christmas with my family, I was relieved that we didn't have to rush around as we usually do with all the typical holiday stress. It was a good Christmas; but next year will be even better. I just know it. We'd just better start gearing up to be chasing children around the house! :)