Friday, June 24, 2005

Maternity Shmernity

Well, here we go. All week I've been able to get by at work with sweatshorts, but today I wanted to feel "girly" and "pretty." That is, until I realized how uncomfortable my clothes are becoming.

My mom and I set out today in search of my first pair of maternity shorts. Although I'm not exactly pregnant looking just yet, I figured they would be more comfortable for me to wear right now, and something I will be needing anyhow throughout the summer. No such luck. It seems that maternity clothes are absolutely the most hideous clothes I've ever seen in my entire life. I felt like I was shopping at Family Dollar; just looking at them made me feel dumpy and unattractive.

Suddenly feeling depressed I left the store empty-handed. Hell, I can take a little bit longer of snug fitting clothes, can't I? I absoultely will, for as long as I can fight it.

Saturday, June 18, 2005

Early Father's Day Surprise

surprise My Dad was going to be busy with a picnic for Father's Day, so I took him and my mom out to dinner tonight. Dinner was nice, and before our meal was served, I handed him his Father's Day present. Inside, was a book "I Already Know I Love You." Here are some of the verses:

I'm going to be your grandpa!
I have the biggest smile.
I've been waiting to meet you
for such a long, long while.

I have so much to tell you
before you slide into home plate.
I already know I love you
as I sit right here and wait.

I want to show you the wind
and how it bends the grass.
I'm waiting to give you bear hugs-
the kind that last and last.

I want to teach you about our family
with pictures from long ago.
you're the new twig on our tree,
and I can't wait to watch you grow.

...Get ready, little sweet one-
your life will be just great.
I'm going to be your grandpa, and...
I can hardly wait.

Also inside of his book was a greeting card, sent by his grandchild-to-be, with instructions that they would meet sometime around February 2nd.

That's right, I surprised my parents today with news that they would be grandparents! There was lots of tears and rejoicing, followed by a celebration with tiramisu.

I'm still somewhat in awe, myself.

Friday, June 17, 2005

No Wonder Kids Act the Way They Do

Did you know that there are kids' video games now, where characters say, "Why are you busting my balls?" and "Horseshit?"

Kai was showing me his new birthday present.

I'll let Kevin decide what he thinks is appropriate. I personally don't feel up to dealing with it, but I think that's uncalled for. Nice.

I Got More Pics Up!!

Originally uploaded by xosunnydaysxo.
Aahhh!! Erick told me about this Flickr site, and I'm able to post more of my Hawaii pics! Thanks!!

Originally uploaded by xosunnydaysxo.
Snorkeling off of mile marker 14, outside of Lahaina.

Originally uploaded by xosunnydaysxo.
Taken during our drive through the Road to Hana. Now this is how I imagined Hawaii to be. Just one of the waterfalls we found during our quest...

Originally uploaded by xosunnydaysxo.

...and also ventured through a rainforest...

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Looking out my hotel room in Honolulu, Oahu. Not quite as pretty as Maui, but still a pretty view.

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Here we are in a submarine, checking out marine life. I thought I was gonna end up being sick, but you couldn't even feel the water moving around you. It was like sitting at a movie screen, watching fish swim around you.

Thursday, June 16, 2005

Hawaii Vacation

Well, our very first flight out of Charleston royally screwed us up. The plane we were to take to Charlotte never came in the night before, so we had to take a later flight, which threw off every other connecting flight. Long story short, we got to Maui a day late.

Once we finally got there, it was well worth the wait. Kevin and I stayed in Kihei, which is absolutely beautiful. Actually, the entire island of Maui is gorgeous. Unlike highly commercialized Oahu, Maui is more laid back and less populated.

We spent most of our days snorkeling and soaking up the sun on the beach. I wish I could get more pictures up, but I'm having a little bit of trouble getting these pictures posted. This is actually the only one that worked. I'm just too tired and frustrated right now to mess with it. But, get the idea.

In Lahaina we took a submarine down to 150 feet which was really cool. We got to see the sea life and coral up front. It's pretty much the same stuff we saw snorkeling, only easier to see. I tried to convince Kevin to swim with the sharks in a cage, but he wouldn't bite-no pun intended. I thought it would have been cool...

One day, we drove the Road to Hana--a winding road up a mountain. This road allows you to explore lush rainforest and waterfalls. I'd never seen rainforest or a waterfall before, so despite the somewhat boring and dizzy road, I was determined to keep going until we found one. We did get to venture off some into a rainforest and see a few waterfalls. Although my intention was to frolic in the water, I was ready to go and didn't have the courage to climb down neck-breaking slippery rocks in flip-flops. I decided to be satisfied by finally seeing a waterfall at all and called in quits. By the time we turned around and headed back to Kihei, I was completely green and carsick. Barf.

After 4 days in Maui, we proceeded to Oahu for tournament and training. I didn't participate this year, but enjoyed seeing our fellow students and instructors. I was sort of "beached out" by the time we got there, and spent the remainder of my week shopping and...sleeping?? I've been completely exhausted all week...more on that later...I was hoping to do a jump at the Schofield Airport, but the winds had been high all week. Not particularly safe to jump in, especially with mountains, ocean, and numerous powerlines around the dropzone. I'm somewhat disappointed, but safety always comes first.

It's been a good week; Maui is probaby the prettiest place we've vacationed at yet. I'm glad to be home, though; good to see my loyal dog, and my own comfy bed. Speaking of, off to bed I go...

Saturday, June 04, 2005

What A Girl Wants

I just got a package in the mail today-the complete seasons of Sex and the City!! I don't plan on doing much this weekend, just time to read and break in my new DVD's. In fact, I may not even leave my bedroom. And then come Monday morning, I'm flying off to Maui.

Life doesn't get much better than this...

Friday, June 03, 2005

I'm Feeling Warm and Fuzzy

Since I've gotten back from Florida, Kevin has been extra nice. I actually got to come home Tuesday to a clean house AND flowers!?!

Tonight after work, I was surprised to find a candlelit mahi dinner waiting, that he caught this weekend while offshore.

I had a good time being away, but it's also nice to come home to the one who eagerly waits your return.

I need to go away more

Memorial Weekend

The family chowin' down

I visited Erick, Eleanor, and Rachel for Memorial Weekend. Supposedly, we were celebrating Erick's 34th birthday, but somehow he ended up having to cook and work his ass off all weekend. Kinda sucks (for him), but for us it was pretty damned good. All we did was eat like there was no tomorrow!

The chefs at work

Between tender ribs on the barbie, fresh spaghetti, curry chicken, pistachio encrusted basa, homemade leche flan, and (lots) more, it was like eating gourmet all weekend! I think I succeeded in packing on a couple pounds in a short period of time. Thanks, guys...

Bailey trying to be sneaky at the dinner table

About to board our cruise

Okay, so aside from eating, um....eating, and let's see...more eating, my sis and my Dad actually made it out to Port Canaveral to hang out on a casino cruise. It was pretty cool! Rachel was the only one who lucked out with winning anything, although Dad got awfully close. If he had played $.75 more, he coulda won $200 on the slots--doh!

I had a great time...good 'ol quality time just to catch up on chatting and "no salt" humor is hard to find these days with the family...