Friday, January 28, 2005

Full Fledged Moncks Corner Gal

Howdy! Okay, it's not THAT bad, but it's how I feel...

Do you remember that tooth that's been bothering me? Remember the dentist who claimed it was just food particles stuck underneath my gum, and charged me $75 to floss it out? Well, I made an appointment with another clinic to get my teeth cleaned, and guess what they found? The reason why food keeps getting trapped underneath my gum is because my tooth is completely fractured in half! Well, that explains that.

I had an appointment yesterday to fix it. After racking my brain and trying to decide if I should get it extracted and purchase an implant to fill in the gap, I finally decided to just yank it. Hell, a damned implant will cost me about $1600! Ouch!

I have never in my entire life had a tooth pulled. Well, not including my 4 wisdom teeth that really needed to be cut out. I take pride in my constant teeth brushings and nightly flossings. And now, I'm going to be missing tooth? That's a hard pill to swallow. Even harder to swallow was the thought of someone jerking my tooth out. Believe it or not, it wasn't that bad. After the numbing, it was only about a minute or two of feeling like my jaw was going to be torn off of my face, and then viola! Instant hillbilly look!

Surprisingly, I'm not in any pain. I even went straight to work and taught kickboxing. Only thing is, I feel extremely self-conscious about this gap. It's really not bad, actually. It's so far back in my mouth, that even my largest grin won't give it away. Still, I can't help but to sheepishly only give little smirks to people I meet.

Thursday, January 27, 2005

Cherilyn, your Personality Summary
Your Personality Type
You are an optimist who is often more focused on the past and the future than the present moment. You have an active imagination. You have good hunches and intuitions and people notice that.

Your Motto
"I want to discover the truth in life."

How You Work best
You work best in cooperative, harmonious environments. Competition, a rushed pace, and a strict format for communication don't work well for you. Your strength is your open-mindedness. Your Achilles heel is that you are sometimes too hard on yourself.

Your Life Situation
You are not fully satisfied with your current life situation. It is in your own hands though to change this. Every day you have the opportunity to improve your life situation by making decisions that suit your personality best.

Making decisions that suit your personality best benefits all areas of your life: your relationships, your career, your love life, your goals, your family life, and your health.

I took another personality test online. "I want to discover the truth in life." Yes, I would say that is pretty accurate, as I'm always striving to find the truth and purpose of my life. Something can always be improved and discovered. Live life to the fullest, so that at the end, you won't look back and think, "I wish I would have..."

Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Have I Got A Deal For YOU!

Oh, my...with Springtime approaching, this is a very expensive time of year! After Valentine's Day, my wedding anniversary will be a month and a half later. One week after that is Kevin's birthday. I always have to squirrel money away after Christmas (!) to prepare for the upcoming second set of "holidays." Last year for his 40th birthday, I got him good with a surprise party. Although I'm completely stumped with what to get him for Valentine's Day and an Anniversary present, I've got a really good idea for this year's birthday present. Hee hee! Can't wait to see what happens, but gotta get more money put away to make it work! Time to turn on my charm and sell more cars, I guess.

Sunday, January 16, 2005

If Riding In A Plane Is Flying, Then Riding In A Boat Is Swimming

Ultralight Trike

Not including my flight to Orlando a couple of weeks ago, it's been about 2 1/2 months since I've been in the air. I'm badly feeling the need to fly. I'm planning my next trip to hangglide in the mountains. To me, that is true flight.

My neighbor told my husband a few weeks ago that he also owns an ultralight trike. There are a few types of ultralights. They can either look like a little airplane, or they can be open (called a trike), which is pretty much a seat with wings. I personally would prefer to fly in an open aircraft. In my opinion, to FLY, you have to get out and feel the elements. Kevin knows that I have been dying to get into a trike and do a discovery flight. I've been interested in taking flying lessons with this type aircraft. He knows how much I love to fly, and has offered to purchase me one! I think I need to take it one step at a time first, and see how I like the flight first. Then, if I do, I will continue on to flight training. Oh, by the way...if you get a 2-seater trike, your friends can even jump from it to skydive! Awesome!!

Can't wait for the weather to warm up, so I can get back into the sky...

Now, this is flying!!

Wow...flying is freedom! This will be me in a few months!!

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Blood Is Thicker...

Although the past couple of months for me have been stressful, this past week has been especially so. I have been so wrapped up in caring for my dad, that I haven't been working as much. My poor husband has been left here at work, trying to take care of everything. The days that I do come in, it's always a game of catch-up, and trying to figure out what has been going on while I've been away. Also, I haven't even really spent much time with him for the past month-I've just been so busy. On top of that, I've been trying to find the time to take care of me. Ok, so I've been spreading myself between...let's see:

1) Taking care of Dad
2) Helping Mom with Dad
3) Help Mom with Mom
4) Don't neglect work responsibilities (too much)
5) Keep up with house
6) Try not to neglect husband
7) Don't neglect me!

My siblings all came home last week to be there for my dad's surgery. Everyone drove and worked their asses off. After the weekend, they all jumped in their cars and dragged their asses back home. I've come to realize that, yes, this is a lot of work. Yes, we're all exhausted. Sometimes I wonder how I still have the energy to wake up early in the mornings from day to day and run til night. But, it's like you just go on auto-pilot and think nothing of it. After all, of all your friends and loves of your life, I've come to realize that there is just no love like your family's. I wouldn't have it any other way.

Saturday, January 01, 2005

Fly I Right Now

Erick woke me yesterday morning with a phone call, asking me if I could hop on the next plane to Orlando. I had already cancelled my flight for the day before, and Kevin had already made dinner reservations for New Year's Eve. Although I was disappointed about not making it out the day before, I really didn't think I would just hop on the plane and head out last minute.

After hanging up with my brother and jumping into the shower, I decided to just go ahead and do it. Hell, I deserve it and felt I really needed the break to just get away and breathe. Knowing that my dad's surgery will be on Wednesday, I figured now would be the time to take a breath before plunging into what would be lying ahead.

Quickly throwing some clothes into my suitcase and heading towards the airport, I called Erick, to let him know what I had decided. He was even generous enough to book my flight and confirm it while I drove and chatted on the phone with him. One hour later, there I was in Orlando. Nice.

El's birthday is New Year's Eve, and once I arrived in Florida, I assisted Erick with decorating, cleaning, and cooking for the party. I must admit that everything turned out very nicely, and I believe that everyone had a good time-especially the birthday celebrant. I couldn't help to think about my husband and have guilty feelings for leaving him back home in Charleston, but I have no regrets. I know deep in my heart that I badly need this break to brace myself for the next few weeks.

I'm having such a good time here. But even as I relax and enjoy my stay with my siblings, my thoughts continue to drift back to my husband and my dad. I just have to remind myself that for just 2 more days, I'm to only have fun and enjoy my time-nothing else.