Tuesday, April 29, 2008

I've Been A Bit MIA

Yeah, I know...I've been a bit MIA. I don't know what I've been doing to keep me so busy. I guess between work and the baby, and training for this half marathon, I've been a little distracted.

Anna, Chris, and Ava came up last week through the weekend. It was kind of nice. Mostly we just hung around and had a couple of birthday parties to attend to on Saturday. That, alone, is enough to wear anyone out.

I don't often get to see them, and Gabriel and Ava play so well. I'm trying to convince them to move back; I even tried to sell them my neighbor's house next door....LOL

No go. (Damn)

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Off To Mexico!

2008 255
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Finally, I didn't think this week would ever end! After a long and stressful few months, we were off to vacation to celebrate our 5th wedding anniversary. Tracie and Roddy decided to tag along too...It kind of works out, as Kevin and Roddy have been best friends for years, and Tracie and I have also gotten to be really great friends.

I have really been anticipating this trip, and to be honest, I was quite pleased. Cancun is really pretty, and the people are all very friendly and accomodating. Our first night, we were in search for some authentic mexican food. We ended up at the Paloma Bonita, with a live mariachi band. Food was great, and the band was a nice touch. They even came to our table to sing to us! 2008 217 2008 215

We really didn't want to pack our schedule tight with excursions, so the next day was spent lounging around the pool and drinking. Ahhhhh...life is so hard....
2008 222

2008 229 Even Tracie and Roddy got a bit of a romantic getaway...

I'm really not much of a water person, but I try to snorkel every time I go on vacation. It always take me awhile to get over the anxiety, but once I do, I'm glad. We visited the ecological park, Xel-Ha, which was pretty cool to do our snorkeling. The water was fresh and saltwater mixed, so the fish weren't quite as pretty as the ones I've seen in Hawaii. But, it was cool anyhow, and I was excited to test out my "new" camera underwater.

Another cool place we visited was Tulum, which is an old ancient Mayan ruin. I'm no history buff by no means, but it was amazing to be able to venture the ruins, and visualize a civilization completely different than we know today.
2008 246 2008 238 There were paintings still intact in some of the stone, and even a sacrifical area. The coolest thing is that nobody knows where the Mayans even went? (enter Twilight Zone music here)

Aside from our anniversary, it was also Kevin's birthday this past Tuesday. So, Tracie and Roddy treated us all out to a great Asian bistro, called Silk. He even got a yummy birthday cheesecake that we all shared. Yum!!

Well, it's back to the real world now. I was a little sad to leave Mexico; I really enjoyed it and the people! We will definitely be going back.

Monday, April 07, 2008

2008 Bridge Run

2008 bridge run
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I ran the annual Cooper River Bridge Run Saturday morning, with Tracie. We were expecting thunderstorms, and I was prepared with ponchos and my ipod in a ziplock bag, but we were lucky and never got rained on.

My goal was to run the entire bridge with no walk breaks, and it was accomplished at 1:17. With that goal being attained, I expected our time to have improved since last year, but strangely enough, I ran 4 minutes slower?! No big deal, but I am sort of at a loss. Anyway, I am still proud to have finished attaining my goal. Besides, I just love being a part of this event.

Saturday was also my 5th wedding anniversary, and we played it very low key. We'll be leaving early next Saturday morning to do our real anniversary celebration in Mexico. I can't wait!!