Saturday, July 14, 2007

You Never Cease To Amaze Me

Cheesin' Gabriel's gotten to the point to where he refuses to sit in his highchair anymore. This morning while I fed him spoonfuls of grits and picked up the kitchen, he wandered back and forth between the living room and kitchen holding onto his sippy cup and eating. On his way back into the kitchen, his cup was no longer in his hands.

"Uh oh, where's your cup?" I asked him. He responded with pointing to the living room.

"Well, go get it. Where's your cup?" I continued.

Gabriel started to pull his diaper bag out of the corner and began to rummage about in it. He reaches in, proudly pulls his cup out and declares, "Ta-Daaa!!"

How do you learn this stuff? Amazing.

Sunday, July 08, 2007

New Toy

I've been going back and forth trying to decide if I should purchase an iPod or a Satellite radio for my car. iPod's are cool, because then I can just download any song I want. But then, sometimes I don't know what songs I want to hear, and just want to hear a certain genre. Hmmm...decision, decisions...Suddenly, it dawned on me. Is there such a thing as a mp3 player AND satellite radio? Wouldn't that be cool? So, I googled it and viola! The Sirius Stilleto!

I went to Best Buy to check one out and learn more about it. The Stiletto itself is $250, and then I would need a car kit-another $50. I wasn't quite sure if I was ready to shell out the moolah, so I just figured I would wait it out...

until...I ran across a brand new Stiletto and car kit on Flea-Bay, that someone bought without knowing it didn't work with a mac. After a little bit of wheeling and dealing, we agreed to $190, out the door.

I got my tracking number today, and should be recieving it about Wednesday. I'm interested to see how it works...if it works. I hope it does?


Saturday, July 07, 2007

Happy Birthday, America!

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I don't typically get into celebrating the Fourth of July. I don't know why. I just typically go with the flow, and do whatever. This year, I had my heart set on doing some family stuff outside and enjoying the sunshine.

The weather couldn't have been more perfect. Plenty of warm sunshine and bright blue skies made it an ideal day to hang out in the pool. Kevin has been working hard outside, resodding the backyard and cleaning up. So, I lotioned up Gabriel and hung out poolside with his daddy. Nothing fancy-sandwiches, chips, and cold drinks were the food for the afternoon. But most importantly, some family time that we've been way past due fordaddy_gabriel
I've quit working at the dojo, and have started enjoying more days off. That means more time for me to play with my son who is growing quickly. I've come to find that as he gets older, he is getting to be more fun. More active, but more fun, nonetheless.
Bottoms Up!
Talking on phone Isn't that a shame? With Kevin and I both working off of our telephones often, it seems Gabriel has learned the habit. Here is he gabbing to whomever; business call, I presume. "Buy! Buy! Sell! Sell!" It's so funny the things that kids learn.

Popsicle I had to put this picture up. Sometimes I think I can see his Uncle Ricky in him. Ricky, does this picture remind you of one you had of yourself, growing up? :) (Think purple popsicle and pink lemonade)