Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Philippines Pageant

What an appropriate question for this contestant!

Monday, August 27, 2007

Skydive Walterboro!

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My godsister, Jen, recently graduated from Pharmacy school. As a graduation gift, her friend's dad purchased her a skydiving jump to celebrate. She thought it would be fun to get a little group together to jump, and who do you think she might invite? Me! I, of course, wanted to join, but due to finances, had to decline. She wasn't letting that one go so easily. As my big 3-0 birthday present, she offered me my jump. She only had to ask once!

Sunday, I met with everyone at my old stomping grounds, Skydive Walterboro. It was nice to see some familiar faces, I'd not seen in over 2 years, since becoming pregnant. It seems there had been quite a bit pregnancies going about the dropzone about the same time I found out I was expecting.

Since I hadn't jumped in awhile, and was not interested in a refresher course, I decided to do a tandem to get my feet wet. I was curious to see if I would catch the "bug" again and be ready to get back into it. Mike was my jump master, and Nick was the videographer.

I didn't start out nervous, but on the way up, the 'ol familiar butterflies began. It didn't help that Mike thought it would be fun to psych me out and betting me on how low we could open. I asked for 5500, he says 4000. We'll see...cheesin' before our exit Of course, the door flying open with the loud, cold air is nerve racking, and then actually getting your feet out to exit is the hardest part for me. the hardest part But once we were out, it's pure fun. exit

I won't write much more; I'll just let the pictures do the talking. the best part pull mike!  pull! motion sickness time I will say this, though, when I say that I get motion sickness easily, it's not a good idea to do hard turns under canopy as a joke. Really.

I think next jump I'm going to see Rachel at Skydive Carolina. I've not quite caught the "bug" to get into this again, but I'd like to try. I still enjoy it, but perhaps my priorities have changed? Or maybe, I just didn't enjoy throwing up. We'll see...made it!

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Isa's Christening

isa's christening

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I know it's been awhile (again) since I've posted, but here's a quick update. My family was in town for the weekend to watch my little niece, Isa, get christened at Holy Conception. It was really quite small, just family and very few close friends.

Afterwards, Erick and El treated us all out to some very yummy Gullah Cuisine in Mount Pleasant. It was pretty cool seeing all of our little kiddies running around and making me feel old. It's weird to think that the little munchkins running about are ours. Following lunch was opening presents at my mom's.

The trip was quick, but as always, enjoyable!presents

Birthday Trip?

hurricane dean
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Did I mention I was going to Jamaica for my 30th birthday? Hmmm...I'm not so sure anymore...